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Funghi Mara

Mushrooms Mara Farm Business is, since 1974, a firm whose quality arises from a true passion for the cultivation of mushrooms. All over the world, it is the first firm at the service of all those who see mushroom cultivation as a sort of atypical gardening.
Our products have improved thanks to an ongoing scientific research and testing activity in the field of amateur mushroom cultivation, which has been going on for about 40 years now. These activities have been made possible thanks to the work of some worldwide famous technicians and scientists. All manifacturing processes, which take place within our laboratories and mushroom farms, are totally natural. This website is meant to be a benchmark for all amateur mushroom productors. Let's share information and get together! On this website we will try to give room to science first, then to suggestions, explanations, results, articles as well as your pictures, recipes and anything you may need to start up your mushroom cultivation "at home and in the garden.

A.A. Funghi Mara

Azienda Agricola Funghi Mara | info@funghimara.it | Tel 0039 051 892049 - 0039 051 872350 | FAX 0039 051 893768 | P.IVA 00032141202

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