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Questions fréquemment posées

Ici une liste de questions fréquemment posées: vous trouverez sûrement une reponse à vos doutes.

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How can I make sure that the straw inside the nylon bag is wet enough?

The water that penetrates inside the nylon bag through the holes is the right quantity.

May I cultivate mushrooms in a completely dark room?

You can do that with Pleutorus mushroom, whereas the other types of mushroom need light.

What are mushroom spawn cloves ? (chiodi di micelio?)

They are small wooden rolls on which mycelium mushroom has been planted. You do this type of cultivation on newly cut trunks of poplar, willow or other broad-leaved trees (never use old trunks because they could have gone mouldy). The growing technique is quite simple: drill some holes on the wooden trunk at a distance of 15-20 cm one from the other (they must have a diameter of 8 mm). Then plant the spawn cloves in the holes with a hammer. Incubate the wooden trunk in a plastic bag at a temperature 20-25 °C for about 3 months. Then, it must be buried 2/3 lengthwise in a dark corner or inside a vase in a basement (at a temperature between 8 °C and 25 °C). Here, they will produce mushrooms both in spring and autumn. Mushrooms start to appear after 4-8 months from the moment when you saw the seeds. It will last then for 3-4 years. The wooden trunk and/or the spraw always have to be wet.

Champignons d'intérêt: Shiitake, champignon japonais, Pholiote changeante, Champignon d'or, Pleurote corne d'ab, Pleurote on conquille, Oreillette,couvrosse

Do I have to water the compost often?

The compost must always be wet. It is difficult to say how often you need to water it: do it once every two days if the environment is wet, otherwise water it even twice a day.

Champignons d'intérêt: Champignon de couche variété blanche, Coprin chevelu, Shiitake, champignon japonais, Pholiote changeante, Champignon d'or, Pleurote corne d'ab, Pleurote de l'eryngium, Pleurote on conquille, Oreillette,couvrosse, Champignon de la passion, Champignon Portobello

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