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Here is a list of some Frequently Asked Questions about mushroom cultivation: you will surely find an answer to your issues

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Can Boletus variety (cep variety) mushrooms be grown at home?

No, they can't because Boletus variety appear spontaneously in woods and live in symbiosis with plant species.

When I pick up mushrooms, do I have to uproot them or cut them at the base of the stem, leaving it rooted in the ground?

Mushrooms have to be rolled as to cut the whole stem off and at the same time avoid damages to the underlying substrate. If you don't cut the stem off it could rotten and consequently attract midges.

When the straw stops producing mushrooms, is it possible to seed further fresh and dried mycelium in order to have new mushrooms?

As they grow up, mushrooms live on the composting organic matter of the straw; for this reason, it is not worth seeding again because the straw has run out that rich material.

When the straw stops producing mushrooms, do I have to throw away the composting organic matter?

No, you don't! :) Mixed with land soil it is a great potting compost for your the growth of your plants.

What about the nylon wrapping up the substrate. Do I have to take it off?

No, you don't. The best solution is to let the mushrooms grow in the holes Funghi Mara previously made for you on the nylon bag.

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