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Super Ready-mushroom Love mushroom

Super Ready-mushroom Love mushroom

In just, 30 days you will have fresh, sweet-smelling and natural Mushrooms. They are very easy to grown: make some cuts 2/3 cm long in the plastic around this block of substrate » [...]

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Ricetta Del Giorno

» TAGLIATELLE ( type of pasta ) PIE

Fry lightly half a chopped onion in a pot with 1 teaspoon oil. Add then peas and bouillon cube powdered in a hot » [...]

The food value of mushrooms


The mushroom is used today in cooking for its taste and delicate flavour and is often considered more a refined touch to a dish than a proper food. Mushrooms have not yet become a food for constant and everyday consumption because of the lack of information on the part of the consumer, who considers it only a complementary food. However the mushroom should be given more importance in cooking, » [...]

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