Mushrooms at home and in the garden

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Super ready-mushroom Poplar mushroom

Super ready-mushroom Poplar mushroom

In just, 30 days you will have fresh, sweet- smelling and natural Mushrooms. They are very easy to grown: make some cuts 2/3 cm long in the plastic around this block of substrate » [...]

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Boil the potatoes until they are 'al dente', peel them, cut them lengthwise into slices about ½ cm » [...]

Mushroom cultivation some recommendations for [...]


INTRODUCTION In mushroom cultivation it is important to distinguish two different stages: the preparation of substrates and the actual production of mushrooms. The firms that carry out both these working stages are the so-called “closed loop mushroom farms”; they are normally quite wide and involve dozens, even hundreds of employees. The preparation of the substrate is » [...]

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